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Neeraj Mandhana

Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders, Today

Est. 2010

Teenage years are a confusing time: on what basis should I choose high school subjects? Should my career choice be based on interests, current trends & hype, or fomo compared to friends? Who to listen to (parents, phew)? How to minimize procrastination while balancing grades, profile building and college apps (and having an actual life!)? College essays: where do I even begin? Should I choose college based on ranking or how much I’m liking them?

NM Squad & I work exclusively with high school students as they ask fundamentally important (and silly!) questions about their identity, choosing majors, college admission, securing scholarships, and career planning. We know that one size does not fit all, and our goal is to mentor individual students in discovering answers that make them feel happy, challenged and successful.

Neeraj Mandhana
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