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Daily tips on personal development, college & career planning


What should you study?

Using a battery of sophisticated personality, interest and natural talent tests, we help students
discover their true nature. We help them choose high school subjects, college majors, fields of specializations and career roles that would be a good fit to them, and not just a fad.

Where should you study?

When choosing colleges, our emphasis is not just on admissions, but also on college success. Building on our holistic understanding of the student and the family, we help you discover colleges that are a good fit for you. In line with Csikszentmihalyi’s flow theory, we will pair you with colleges that offer you the ideal balance of comfort and challenge. Our deep understanding of colleges around the world is based on visits, continuous student feedback and thorough research.

How can you get into college?

Over the years, we’ve had phenomenal success with helping students get into the college of their dreams. What’s our secret? Start early, know yourself, chase excellence and know why you’re applying to that college. In the race of college admissions, we will help you put your best foot forward.

All the work in my office is conducted in a one-to- one manner and in line with the professional
standards of


My team and I work to mentor high school and college students as they ask fundamentally important questions about their education, career paths and the impact they wish to leave on society. Our goal is to help them discover answers where they will feel happy, challenged and successful. 


As someone who cares deeply about education and career guidance, I have been actively mentoring both individual students and educational institutions since 2010. Students seek me for my resourceful insights into college admissions and career planning. High schools seek me to structure their counseling departments and college admission officers seek my insights into the education landscape in India. In 2014, my family established The Next Genius Foundation, a charitable trust that offers full undergraduate scholarships at select US colleges to bright Grade 12 students from India. In 2017, this fund will award college scholarships worth $ 6 million.
Every year, I attend several educational conferences around the world and visit college campuses abroad to keep up to date with the latest trends. I was the first counselor from India to attend the prestigious
Harvard Summer Institute on College Admissions. I am also a proud alumnus of UCLA and the University of Cambridge.