My team and I work exclusively with high school students as they ask fundamentally important questions about their education, career paths and the impact they wish to leave on society. Our goal is to mentor them in discovering answers that make them feel happy, challenged and successful.

What should you study?

Using a battery of sophisticated personality, interest and natural talent tests, we help students
discover their true nature. We help them choose high school subjects, college majors, fields of specializations and career roles that would be a good fit to them, and not just a fad.

Where should you study?

When choosing colleges, our emphasis is not just on admissions, but also on college success. Building on our holistic understanding of the student and the family, we help you discover colleges that are a good fit for you. In line with Csikszentmihalyi’s flow theory, we will pair you with colleges that offer you the ideal balance of comfort and challenge. Our deep understanding of colleges around the world is based on visits, continuous student feedback and thorough research.

How can you get into college?

Over the years, we’ve had phenomenal success with helping students get into the college of their dreams. What’s our secret? Start early, know yourself, chase excellence and know why you’re applying to that college. In the race of college admissions, we will help you put your best foot forward.

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How to fund your college education?

An global undergraduate education doesn't have to be an expensive affair. Every year our students get millions of dollars worth of scholarship and financial aid from leading colleges around the world. With the right financial planning, smart scholarship search, a review of personal financials, we will help you manage the bill.



How to make the most of your undergraduate years?

Our students graduate college with a strong resume and lifelong memories. That's because we make a personalized college plan for each student before they depart home. Approaching college with a clear game plan helps them capitalize on the myriad array of opportunities they are presented with at University.



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Which are some of the most sought after colleges abroad?

What should you know about them before you apply?

What makes them different from each other?

Which of them are right for you?


Our guide book reviews 21 interesting colleges from around the world. Carefully chosen and thoroughly researched, this book is a wonderful resource as you embark on your college search journey. It is written by me in collaboration with my students and is a result of in-person campus visits, conversations with past students & admission officer and online research. India-centric, frank and well-researched, our college guide is FREE for everyone. 

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Find here 101 essays from Indian students that got into Ivy League, Ivy Plus and Oxbridge Universities. Essays that made the candidates stand apart from the crowd and catch the attention of the admission officers.  


From writing about personal failures, to chronicling high points. From detailing unique talents to scribing about personal passions. From projecting career visions to discussing why NYU. This book has it all to get your juices flowing about how to start, structure and execute your college essays.


Proud of a college essay you wrote? Submit it here. If we include it in the next year's book, expect some awesome goodies heading your way!


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Every summer, my rising seniors and I descend upon a luxurious holiday destination near Mumbai for a few days. We go Off The Grid (OTG). There, we meditate, make new friends, sing songs, battle each other in push-up challenges, research colleges, and write essays. It’s the perfect amalgamation of work and play. OTG is a safe space to express your story, and put your best foot forward in the application process. Students return back home empowered, not only to take on their college applications, but also the final year of high school. 


PS: OTG has a strong culture of traditions - one of them is that you’ll get thrown into the pool at the least expected of times – beware!

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Here is an opportunity for you, the students out there, to get your career and college admissions related queries cleared. Ask us anything. While posting your question, be specific and provide relevant details. As you ask questions, we'll share it with expert career counselors. These experts will create videos, responding to your questions. They will help you clarify your queries. Checkout some past sample questions on our Instagram Account. Post your questions below. Go ahead, ask now!


As someone who cares deeply about education and career guidance, I have been actively mentoring both individual students and educational institutions since 2010. Students seek me for my resourceful insights into college admissions and career planning. High schools seek me to structure their counseling departments and college admission officers seek my insights into the education landscape in India. In 2014, my family established The Next Genius Foundation, a charitable trust that offers full undergraduate scholarships at select US colleges to bright Grade 12 students from India. In 2020, I established Next Genius Webinars,  an online undertaking that connects students with leading educational experts from around the world in a free and equitable manner.

Every year, I attend several educational conferences around the world and visit college campuses abroad to keep up to date with the latest trends. I was the first counselor from India to attend the prestigious Harvard Summer Institute on College Admissions. I am also a proud alumnus of UCLA and the University of Cambridge.


Rahil Bathwal
Caltech, CA
Neeraj Sir's approachability and availability played a significant role in my whole experience and made my dream of studying at Caltech possible. He put in a lot of effort in not only understanding what I was looking for in a college but also in understanding my personality and which colleges would fit in with that. I would definitely recommend Neeraj Sir to any student.
Krish Desai
Yale, CT
Working with Neeraj Sir has been an absolute delight. He has been a mentor to me for the last 4 years and I have valued every single interaction we’ve had. I got into Cambridge University and Yale, and today I attend Yale with a 100% scholarship. I highly recommend him to all of you!
Shubhangi Dutta
Stanford, CA

Neeraj Sir helped me discover myself and build a strong profile, starting Grade 8. My parents and I really appreciated his knowledge of colleges abroad and the entire admissions process. A very big thank you to him for helping me get into Stanford!


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